Nursing Schools In Colorado And The Difference They Are Making

Do you have a burning passion within you to be a nurse? Has helping other people in life threatening situations and serious accidents been your passion since you were a kid? Is there an angel inside you that wants to save everybody? Thankfully, that is not just possible; because of good nursing schools in Colorado it is convenient and comfortable. In an age where danger is ever-present and threats are always looming around, hospitals and clinics have become the top priority for the building up of any society.

However, it is not enough if there are tall buildings filled with amazing amenities. What is even more necessary is the presence of efficient people who know what needs to be done to save lives.

The place itself matters almost as much as the quality of education itself because to become a knowledgeable, intelligent nurse, nursing schools in Colorado are the destination. A number of schools offer good education, Colorado with its amazing faculty and world class curriculum offers the best.

Paths Of Study For Nursing Students

The wide, broad field of nursing allows students to choose from a number of programs. In Colorado, since nursing is an important part of many colleges, students get to study exclusive programs as well.

The Various Bachelor’s Nursing Programs Are:

  • B.S./B.Sc. – Nursing: This is the basic program that nursing students are supposed to take after completing high school. While most students suffice themselves after completing this program, a significant number of ambitious students apply for Master’s as well.
  • Pathway Nursing programs: Due to the lack of a number of basic courses required for students to be eligible for a B.S. in Nursing, aspiring students cannot avail the benefits of the program. To help eliminate that, an extra semester is provided in pathway programs wherein students can complete the required courses.
  • BS – Nursing (online): For those students who cannot be present on campus due to a number of reasons, various schools offer online programs as well. Students with online certifications are just as educated and trained as those studying on campus.

The Master’s And Ph.d. Programs Are:

  • Nursing (MS)
  • DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  • Integrated MS – Ph.D.


Most Bachelor’s programs in nursing are devised such that students, on receiving certification with a satisfactory score, choose from one of the two paths:

  1. Further study (MS, Ph.D.)
  2. Job search

Either way, unlike most traditional courses of study, nursing students are placed in large numbers at beginner positions in the offices of their choosing.

For those that choose to pursue a Master’s, the future is bright as well. After receiving an MS or a Ph.D. certificate, most students are welcomed into the world of medical, clinical research.

Nursing – The Career Ahead

The following are some of the many many positions open all year round for nurses. They can be divided into two categories – clinical and non-clinical:


  • Nurses in hospitals

  • Nurses in clinics
  • Medical caretakers in private homes for the mentally challenged and senior citizen homes
  • Nurses, medical attendants in emergency care
  • Medical apprentices to physicians and private doctors
  • Home care nurses
  • Nurses for makeshift hospitals (hospitals that are built during conflicts and disaster areas

The above positions are not just well paying, a number of benefits are provided as well. Successful nurses earn a minimum of 75,000-80,000$ every year, with the amount varying based on the skills of the nurse and the position they hold. Apart from generous paychecks, nurses are also entitled to health insurance, perks, and travel benefits.

The following are positions outside the clinical field:

  • Nursing teachers
  • Nursing trainers
  • Healthcare research and further study
  • Healthcare literature
  • Development of healthcare technology
  • Medical law

The above positions are mainly for those with a Master’s and/or a Ph.D. in Nursing. Apart from possessing a complete understanding of their own field, holders of the above jobs are required to have a vast amount of peripheral knowledge. However, all that is worth the toil as these positions promise a minimum of 90,000$ per annum. Also, apart from other benefits, these job holders have a shot at being published in a number of reputed national and international journals.

The advantage – why Colorado?

Almost every decent school today offers an education in nursing. However, in a number of ways, Colorado is the best spot to be in for studying nursing. Why?

  • Delightful faculty – some of the country’s most educated and highly qualified teachers can be found teaching nursing in various schools here. For those that are aware of the fact that it is ultimately the teacher that can raise or lower the quality of education, they can be assured of world class education here.
  • One of a kind curriculum – various nursing schools in the country sticks to a monotonous list of subjects. In schools here, however, there is constant innovation and enhancement of both the range and the quality of education which makes the study here both desirable and advantageous. Apart from conventional subjects, the schools here also train students in real life simulations and on-field experiences, which educate the nurse while helping him or her grow.
  • Wonderful location – Colorado is not a place that burns holes in pockets. In fact, its cheap cost of living and amazing amenities make the place a hub for students looking for quality education. Millions of students from all around the world enroll in schools here because they know it is the one place that offers the best of both: education and affordability.
  • Glorious careers – A number of medical, research-based internships are available all year round for nursing students. The placement of students is also high, thanks to the plethora of hospitals and emergency centers in the area. A job as soon as education is over is almost guaranteed.

The nursing schools in Colorado don’t just offer good education; their education and training is meant to help you grow both as a nurse and as an individual.